Clean & Classic Living Room Part 1 – Inspiration Board

Since we started to remodel our living room back in July, I’ve dropped a few living room sneak peak photos here and there on my Instagram account, but not many. It is completely done now and I have some awesome before and after photos to share. It is amazing how having a place for everything and having a room completely finished helps keep things clean and tidy. We are really loving our living space!

So first, I’ll share an inspiration board that represents what we were trying to accomplish with our living room design. Our goal was to create a clean, classic and comfortable space just right for our pet and toddler friendly family. Some of the images featured aren’t the exact products we ended up going with, but for the most part, they are a very close representation of what we have ended up with. The shopping source links are to what we ended up finding for our room. I can’t wait to share the rest, stay tuned for Part 2 – “The Before”!

Living Room Inspiration Board-01

  1. West Elm Cotton Canvas Nova Curtains
  2. Macy’s Harper Modular Sectional 
  3. Target Marquee Amersand 
  4. Cost Plus Cala Hammered Drum Side Table
    On sale now for only $89.99. This is great for our family room because it has lots of storage for cozy blankets!
  5. Cost Plus Espresso Mason Bi-Cast Leather Chair
  6. Moroccan Diamond Shag Rug
    We got this for 75% off over Memorial Day, so I have a feeling they have big sales near major holidays. If you are in the market for a rug, this website has so many to choose from and if you wait until around a holiday, you will likely get the best deal. We got the 8×10 for under $300.
  7. Cost Plus Wood Quad Coffee Table
  8. David Rumsey Vintage Sacramento & San Francisco Maps
  9. Behr Sculptor Clay Interior Paint
  10. Styled Built-in Shelving
  11. Natural Walnut Wood Floating Mantle
    Gino ended up making ours from a few pieces of wood at Home Depot! We ordered one online and it was horrible, our homemade version turned out so much better and saved us a few hundred dollars to top it off!
  12. Mixed Frame Gallery Picture Wall

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