Bright and Cheerful Nursery

I finally got around to taking some photos of Luke’s nursery. We originally had that room painted blue and were going to keep it blue regardless of if we had a girl or a boy. I wanted his room to be bright, cheerful, and fun. Gino had a lot of input and in the end it turned out just right! View from the doorway. Wall Decal from Etsy. Lots of books to read in a bookshelf from Ikea. I made[Read more]

Project 365: The Weekend

September 30 – Day 60Fall is almost in full swing, the leaves are starting to turn colors. This tree particularly turns really bright yellow, it is beautiful before the leaves fall off. I will try and capture that photo at it’s peak color.October 1 – Day 61I had a fun filled day of family, soccer, and a mexican fiesta but I completely spaced and forgot to take out my camera. So instead you get a photo of Sam cuddling with[Read more]