Five for Friday – 7.9.15

1 – Food

We just returned home from a nice long vacation last week and an extended visit at my parent’s house over the weekend, so naturally our fridge was bare this week. I have an uncanny knack for throwing together random things for myself (much easier to eat random things without feeding the hubby or kiddos), and this salad was no exception. Blueberries, spinach, mango, leftover grilled chicken, jack cheese and green onions dressed with Trader Joe’s Cilantro dressing – it was surprisingly delicious.

Anyway, back to my point, aren’t mangos the WORST to cut up!? Well not anymore, I promise you, this is a game-changer! I will never try to cut up a mango any other way now that I learned how to do this trick. Check it out in this post courtesy of .

2 – Family
We really enjoyed our weekend with family over the 4th of July holiday and I hope that you did too. These boys right here (with the exception of Sam, who was likely sitting at home meowing at the back door), they are my boys and I couldn’t possibly love them any more than I do right now! It’s strange to sometimes think about my future as the only girl in this family, so you mamas of all boys, let me know your best advice?!

3 – Fun
The Sciandris are gearing up for a camping trip to Scotts Flat Lake with some good friends soon. Our tent is on the way, along with a coffee percolator, so we’ll be all set. Next, we hope to hit up some of these other great family camping spots around the area as recommended by .

4 – Fashion
I have entered a state of motherhood now with Leo where I can’t wear jewelry these days. The instant he sets his sight on the bright shiny necklace or a sparkly earring, I am toast. Who’s with me out there new mamas!? I might try my hand at some of these DIY teething necklaces that are safe for baby to chew on. Has anyone ever made or bought some teething friendly jewelry? What are your thoughts/recommendations?

5 – Fortress (a.k.a. – Our Home)
Next  week we will start remodel work on our living room. I am beyond ecstatic to tear out the terrible carpet and already have our new area rug waiting in the wings. BUT, there is a bit more to do before the rug will make its way into the room. We are getting some built-in shelves made to surround the fireplace, knocking out a portion of the wall between the living room and dining room, getting all our molding and trip up, painting and putting a floating wood mantle over the flat fireplace with TV mounted above that. I’ll take some before pictures but in the meantime, I’ve been stalking pinterest for some beautiful built-in mantle inspiration !

6 thoughts on “Five for Friday – 7.9.15

  1. Love your mantle inspirations! Someday, we’ll finally get around to built-ins, but as for now, I’m just trying to get the base moulding back in!! Baby steps!!

    1. Thanks Beth, yep, baby steps! Carpet comes out today so that’s all good with me =) I’ll keep an eye out on your blog if you post about your built-ins, always good to see other inspiration!

    1. Thank you Jolleen, I hope to keep consistent with these Five for Fridays! They are pretty easy to put together and there is a lot of great content. If you ever have something great to include, let me know and I’ll check it out =)

  2. Great post. I had that same problem with tiny hands reaching for necklaces and earrings. It gets better, I have heard a lot of good things about teething necklaces.

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