Smiles are contagious aren’t they? They work on babies; we smile at Luke and he smiles back. They work on dogs (ok, well sort of); I like to think Ponzo smiles when he is excited and we are smiling at him. They work in email; I admit I might over use the smile icon, but I still smile when I get one in an email. I have noticed lately as I walk around midtown that smiles are a little scarce.[Read more]

Project 365:Yosemite

Ah, I am a little behind on my photos, but it is for a good reason. We spent 4 days in Yosemite with my family and I was completely unplugged, which was very nice. I of course had my camera in tow each day. It was a fantastic camping trip and I will have more photos soon, but here is a sample of a few from the trip. Tuesday August 17th, Day 16We are both excited to get there. Wednesday[Read more]