Project 365:273-284

Day 273 – Tuesday, May 3rd Delicious homemade mango salsa. I even used cilantro from the garden. Day 274 – Wednesday, May 4th This is his don’t mess with me face. Day 275 – Thursday, May 5thHappy Cinco De Mayo. The bartender at Ernesto’s was slightly distracted and accidentally made my strawberry virgin margarita with tequila. Don’t worry, Gino tested it and sent it back =) Day 276 – Friday, May 6th Last day of work before my summer off.[Read more]

Project 365: 260-272

Day 260 – Wednesday, April 20th Love the character of our 1930’s letter slot. Day 261 – Thursday, April 21st The strawberries are on their way, I can’t wait! Day 262 – Friday, April 22nd Shopping done for the Easter Sunday meal. Most of this is for the turkey brine. Day 263 – Saturday, April 23rd Our big man waits so patiently outside the coffee shop for us. What a good boy! Day 264 – Sunday, April 24th Happy Easter.[Read more]

Project 365: 247-259

Day 246 – Thursday, April 7thThanks to everyone on my team for the nice Network baby shower! Gino wasn’t quite sure what to expect but we had a great time.Day 249 – Saturday, April 9thSecond Saturday with Alli & Levi, a really great night.Day 251 – Monday, April 11thCleared out the house for our floors to get sanded and re-finished before the little man arrives.Day 253 – Wednesday, April 13thGiants game on the tube at Riverside Clubhouse. We had to[Read more]

Project 365: 239-246

Day 239 – Wednesday, March 30thYou’ve got mail. Day 240 – Thursday, March 31stNacho dinner at Tiffany & Delwyn’s. Little Joey is such a cutie! Day 241 – Friday, April 1stOne of my new favorite trees in our back yard. I love the way that the blooms only hang down on the bottom of the branches. It’s a variety of a Cherry Blossom tree. Day 242 – Saturday, April 2nd Gino and I spent all day planting new plants for[Read more]