Project 365: 260-272

Day 260 – Wednesday, April 20th
Love the character of our 1930’s letter slot.

Day 261 – Thursday, April 21st

The strawberries are on their way, I can’t wait!
Day 262 – Friday, April 22nd
Shopping done for the Easter Sunday meal. Most of this is for the turkey brine.
Day 263 – Saturday, April 23rd
Our big man waits so patiently outside the coffee shop for us. What a good boy!
Day 264 – Sunday, April 24th
Happy Easter. Hope you all had a nice and blessed Easter Sunday. Our deep fried turkey worked out well. They were basically watching the oil heat up, sounds fun huh!
Day 265 – Monday, April 25th
More notecards for a clients baby shower hostess gift. Contact me if you would like some of your own.
Day 266 – Tuesday, April 26th
Packed and ready to go to the hospital, lets get this baby out!
Day 267 – Wednesday, April 27th
Ponzo and Posey playing up a storm. Posey didn’t care that he was like 6 times her size, they had fun!
Day 268 – Thursday, April 28th
On set at another cookbook photo shoot.
Day 269 – Friday, April 29th
Still in bloom.
Day 270 – Saturday, April 30th
Spent the first part of the day at the Fair Oaks parade with Lynda, Haley, and Heather (and Paul for a little). Haley rode in the parade for the Dolphin’s swim team and later we watched Heather play on the bouncy structures. Lovely day.
Day 271 – Sunday, May 1st
11 days away from the due date (38.5 weeks) and I really can’t wait to meet this little guy. I keep telling him it’s ok to come already but who knows when he will be ready. I really hope not much longer than my due date.
Day 272 – Monday, May 2nd
Americans remember the lives lost on 9/11 and are prod of our troops for not giving up on the fight against terrorism.

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