Happy 5th Birthday Luke

Today Luke turns five years old! It’s been a very different feeling leading up this milestone birthday this year for me as his mom, but I’ll save the sappiness for the slideshow =) There are a few things I want Luke to always remember about his five-year-old self as he continues to grow into an awesome little man. Dear Luke, Happy fifth birthday! As you grow older, your memories will begin to show more clearly, but there are five things[Read more]

Clean & Classic Living Room Part 2 – Before & Afters

livingroom remodel

Hi there, I’m back with some fun before and after photos of our living room remodel update! Remember that inspiration board that I made for our living room? Well, we’ve been finished for a while, but I finally got around to sorting out my before and after photos. What a bright and fun transformation if I do say so myself! The thing I love most about this space, besides having beautiful hardwood floor under that hideous carpet and the removal[Read more]

Leo the Lion Turns One!

Our sweet-pea Leo turned one last Saturday and we celebrated with family and friends at our home for a birthday brunch. I am a second child but I like to believe that I don’t carry the second child chip on my shoulder ;0) Despite that, I did make sure Leo’s birthday celebration was just as fun and festive as his brother’s just so there will be no dispute in the future! I know he won’t remember this day, but all[Read more]

Clean & Classic Living Room Part 1 – Inspiration Board

Since we started to remodel our living room back in July, I’ve dropped a few living room sneak peak photos here and there on my Instagram account, but not many. It is completely done now and I have some awesome before and after photos to share. It is amazing how having a place for everything and having a room completely finished helps keep things clean and tidy. We are really loving our living space! So first, I’ll share an inspiration board that represents what[Read more]

Five for Friday – 7.9.15

1 – Food We just returned home from a nice long vacation last week and an extended visit at my parent’s house over the weekend, so naturally our fridge was bare this week. I have an uncanny knack for throwing together random things for myself (much easier to eat random things without feeding the hubby or kiddos), and this salad was no exception. Blueberries, spinach, mango, leftover grilled chicken, jack cheese and green onions dressed with Trader Joe’s Cilantro dressing[Read more]