Happy 5th Birthday Luke

Today Luke turns five years old! It’s been a very different feeling leading up this milestone birthday this year for me as his mom, but I’ll save the sappiness for the slideshow =) There are a few things I want Luke to always remember about his five-year-old self as he continues to grow into an awesome little man.

Dear Luke,

Happy fifth birthday! As you grow older, your memories will begin to show more clearly, but there are five things that I want to tell you today about your life as a five-year-old that make you so unique and special to us.

  1. You are an incredible big brother. Leo’s only been around for a year and a half and already it’s like you two were never apart. You do your best at being patient with him. Often I overhear you talking to him and trying to explain things about your toys or life. Yes, he already bugs you, but more and more I find you asking where he is when he is napping because you are looking for your play buddy. You are looking forward to him talking more so he can have a conversation with you and you can’t wait until he can play games with you.
  2. You make amazing sound effects. Somehow, making realistic and funny sound effects comes very natural to you. You often make them as you are karate chopping around the house or while you are paying cars or superheroes.
  3.  Sam is your best friend. You talk about Sam our cat all the time. You made a poster about cats and kittens for school, you made up a planet where cats and superheroes live together, you cuddle and play with Sam constantly and you tell everyone you know about him. It’s a really special bond to see.
  4. You have lots of friends. Your very large circle of friends includes first and foremost all of your family and cousins who you adore so much, all of our friends and their kids because we see them often and you have special bonds with a lot of them, your school friends, soccer friends, t-ball friends and we can’t forget all of the stuffed animal friends who sleep with you at night, including Scout, Mittens (a tiger), Puppy, Panda, Nemo, Raphael, Owly, and so many more I can’t even name them all =)
  5. We love you and you love us very much. We tell you all the time how much we love you and you are so very sweet at telling us back or randomly out of the blue. We have special goodnight tuck in time together and you remind me that you won’t wipe off my kisses.

Always remember how special you are. Thank you for being our son; it’s the best gift I could have ever gotten.

All my Love,

One thought on “Happy 5th Birthday Luke

  1. Such a sweet letter to Luke. You are such a blessing to all of us. we are so glad to be able to watch you grow. We love you so much. Happy Birthday Luke! From G. Grand ma Elaine and Pa Pa Rich.

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