Project 365:131,132,133

Day 131 – Friday, December 10thChristmas shopping at Arden wasn’t too bad this year. Day 132 – Saturday, December 11thI can’t help but laugh, is that bad? Every time Gino blows the leaves we come home to more covering the lawn. He had just raked them up a few hours before this.

Project 365: 128,129,130

Day 128 – Tuesday, December 6thOur Ginko tree is finally turning bright yellow before the leaves fall off. Day 129 – Wednesday, December 7thAw, what a nice hubby. Loved coming home to dinner on the table. Lemon chicken was delicious! Day 130 – Thursday, December 8th Holiday cards are on their way in the mail!

Project 365: 120-127

Day 120 – Monday November 29An outtake from our family photo for our holiday cards. Thanks Tabitha for taking our picture. Don’t these animals look interested? Day 121 – Tuesday November 30Fall colors all around downtown. Day 122 – Wednesday December 1Fun girls night at Alli’s Stella and Dot party. Photo courtesy of Erin Quant. Day 123 – Thursday December 2Christmas tree up, check. Day 124 – Friday December 3 A girls night out with some hot ladies. Fun times.[Read more]

Project 365: Thanksgiving Week

Day 113- Monday, November 22We have the best friends in the world! Thanks for bringing an ice cream cake to celebrate our 2 year anniversary with us. Day 114 – Tuesday, November 23Almost ready to transition my holiday decorations from fall to christmas with this cute little tree. Day 115 – Wednesday, November 24Out with good friends and family to listen to great music the night before Thanksgiving. Day 116 – Thursday, November 25Happy Thanksgiving! Such a happy boy. Day[Read more]