Project 365: 120-127

Day 120 – Monday November 29
An outtake from our family photo for our holiday cards. Thanks Tabitha for taking our picture. Don’t these animals look interested?


Day 121 – Tuesday November 30
Fall colors all around downtown.

Day 122 – Wednesday December 1
Fun girls night at Alli’s Stella and Dot party. Photo courtesy of Erin Quant.

Day 123 – Thursday December 2
Christmas tree up, check.

Day 124 – Friday December 3
A girls night out with some hot ladies. Fun times.

Day 125 – Saturday December 4
This photo is on top of Gino’s cousin’s loft rooftop area. Beautiful loft and a nice time with friends and family. Thanks Ryan and Jessica for having us.

Day 126 – Sunday December 5
First item I have purchased for the baby. According to the cosmo’s, our baby will be a friendly taurus baby! That is if it is actually born between April 20 & May 20th.

Day 127 – Monday December 6
Fresh pancakes and fruit for my Monday morning breakfast. The only thing missing is a nice hot coffee!

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