Project 365: 155-157

Day 155 – January 3rdSam smelling the fake orchids, like he has a million times before. Silly cat. Day 156 – January 4th So excited to take advantage of this great deal for a photo light box set, only $33 out the door. Now I won’t have an excuse for not updating my invitation and design photos! Day 157 – January 5th Finally after over 2 years in our house, we took down the old ratty curtains that were left[Read more]

Project 365: 149-154

Day 149 – Tuesday December 28th All the plants will be ready for a nice spring yard!  Day 150 – Wednesday December 29th  A fun photo book from Alli for the girls in her upcoming wedding! So excited for the year ahead.    Day 152 – Friday December 31st  Ponzo cuddling with Gracie. So happy to know he loves kids.    Day 152 – Breakfast at Tower Cafe, nice to catch up with Alli and Levi.   

Project 365: The Holidays

Day 143 – Wednesday, December 22ndDowntown Los Gatos. We missed the big light display but took a nice stroll through the downtown area. Day 144 – Thursday, December 23rdMickey and his pretty Christmas sweater! Thanks Mickey and Melissa for the delicious dinner. Day 145 – Friday, December 24thChristmas Eve at the Sciandris. Day 146 – Saturday, December 25thMerry Christmas. My parents and my Grandma and Rick, what nice looking couples. Day 147 – Sunday, December 26thHappy Birthday Dad! Day 148[Read more]

Project 365: 136-142

Day 136 – Wednesday, December 15th – Started gift wrapping. Day 137 – Thursday, December 16th – I think I will decorate the tree with this color scheme next year. Day 138 – Friday, December 17th – A cute little sock monkey I got from my work holiday party. I think baby Sciandri will like this! Day 139 – Saturday, December 18th – I decided to make the Chocolate-Peanut Butter Moon Pie Cookie recipe for our family holiday party/ornament exchange.[Read more]

Project 365: 134 & 135

Day 135 – Tuesday 135 The bump is starting to become more noticeable. This is from today at 18.5 weeks.  Day 134 – Monday December 13th  Cute sleepy boy with crossed paws, they are so cute when they sleep!