Project 365: 208-212

Day 208 – Friday, February 25th
The Ponz-man!
Day 209 – Saturday, February 26th

Celebrating Uncle John’s 50th Birthday in Seascape. Great weekend with the Antracolis, Sciandris, and Beals.  Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Uncle John!

Day 210 – Sunday, February 27th
Little man driving.

Day 211 – Monday, February 28th

Fresh blooms from TJ’s.

Day 212 – Tuesday, March 1st

We got our stroller today and Sam was very curious about it. He wanted to go for a test ride so we went around the house and he stayed in there. Of course Ponzo was trying to bite him the whole time. Thank you Mom and Dad, we can’t wait to try it out for real in May!

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