Five for Friday – Favorite Links 6.19.15

Welcome to the second installation of #fiveforfriday!

1 – Food
Watermelon is one of my favorite summertime fruits and I have passed that love onto my son Luke. Here are 11 Genius Ways to Enjoy watermelon, some of which we will be trying out all summer long!

2 – Family
Some classy free printables for that special Dad on Father’s Day! I hope all of the wonderful Dads out there feel the love and appreciation on Sunday, happy Father’s Day.

3 – Fun
In years past, we always talk about going to a summer movie night but never ended up making it happen. Not this year because there are so many options to go see free outdoor movies on a hot Sacramento summer night. The good folks at Sactown Magazine compiled a detailed list to figure out where, when and what you can see with your family this summer. They did forget the D5 (District 5, where we live) Summer Movie Night schedule, so you can find that information here .

4 – Fashion
I feel like I am going back to 1988 by actually entertaining the idea of a full body jumpsuit. I know. I know. I remember clearly a favorite hand-me-down turquoise button-up jumpsuit from my sister Lynda. In fact, I think we have a picture of her in it somewhere.

But this Olive + Oak all black one almost fit me like a glove at Nordstrom Rack. With such a long torso, all of the ones I have tried on are just a little too short. Once I found the same one in my size online at Amazon, I was sold. It will be here just in time for our beach vacation!

5 – Faith
My faith is an unwavering part of who I am and how I think, process, and behave. But, this week in particular, I needed to turn to it even stronger. When tragic things happen, like what happened in Charleston, I feel so sad for humanity. It’s so hard to understand because I know that we aren’t born with hatred in our hearts. I look at my baby boy Leo, and know fundamentally, that he does not know hate. All babies are born without knowing hatred and something happens along the way where they are taught something that will forever change the direction of their lives.

In whatever way works for you, please send positive thoughts out to humankind. Sometimes it is just a nasty palace and it is easy for me to get swept up into the negativity, so this is a good reminder to still know the world as a beautiful place.

6 – Funny
To end on a high note, I seriously cannot get enough of babies and kids laughing and falling over. Try not to laugh out loud, I dare you!

LMDO onesie from teesandmoretees

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