Project 365: 177-184

Day 177 – Tuesday, January 25thOk, kind of an odd photo but look, I can still see my feet! Day 179 – Thursday, January 27thOff to an evening appointment with a potential new client, love what I do! Day 181 – Saturday, January 29thCelebrating Nancy’s birthday in SF. Fondu for dessert, just what this pregnant girl wanted! Day 183 – Monday, January 31stMmmm one of our favorite meals, tuna melts on Trader Joe’s cracked wheat bread with tomatoes and cheddar.

Project 365: 170-176

Day 170 – Tuesday, January 18thLittle man just doesn’t want to get out of bed! Day 171 – Wednesday, January 19th Beautiful sunset.  Day 173 – Friday, January 21st The result of my photo studio shot. Good, but could be a little better. I am trying to get the most accurate colors so I have some more work to do with the lighting but it might be better in the daylight also.  Day 175 – Sunday, January 23rd Spring cleaning[Read more]

Project 365: 162-169

Day 162, Monday, January 10th Great dinner with great friends at Biba!Day 163, Tuesday, January 11thSo frosty outside.Day 164, Wednesday, January 12thThe hallway before paint and stenciling.Day 165, Thursday, January 13thHere is the stencil pattern. I had to change it from what I originally wanted because the first pattern didn’t have sections that I could cut out without losing the shape. I like the results!Day 166, Friday, January 14thThe stenciling is complete! It looks great but I have some touching[Read more]