Project 365: 162-169

Day 162, Monday, January 10th
Great dinner with great friends at Biba!

Day 163, Tuesday, January 11th
So frosty outside.
Day 164, Wednesday, January 12th
The hallway before paint and stenciling.
Day 165, Thursday, January 13th
Here is the stencil pattern. I had to change it from what I originally wanted because the first pattern didn’t have sections that I could cut out without losing the shape. I like the results!
Day 166, Friday, January 14th
The stenciling is complete! It looks great but I have some touching up to do and then on to the trim.
Day 167, Saturday, January 15th
Gino finally came home from his conference in Texas so we ended the night with a nice walk downtown for some gellato. Love my Hot Italian ;0)
Day 168, Sunday, January 16th
Bowling superstars, go Noel!
Day 169, Monday, January 17th
Hey, that isn’t supposed to happen! Ponzo tries to get on the bed anytime he can and he knows it isn’t allowed. What to do with this little boy but we caught him right away.

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