Project 365: 170-176

Day 170 – Tuesday, January 18th
Little man just doesn’t want to get out of bed!


Day 171 – Wednesday, January 19th
Beautiful sunset.


Day 172 – Thursday, January 20th
Practicing photographer with my new portable photo studio. I need to play around a little more for the optimal lighting.


Day 173 – Friday, January 21st
The result of my photo studio shot. Good, but could be a little better. I am trying to get the most accurate colors so I have some more work to do with the lighting but it might be better in the daylight also.


Day 174 – Saturday, January 22nd
Oh, Ponz-man. Laying in the pile of pillows. Not quite as bad as on the bed but just about.


Day 175 – Sunday, January 23rd
Spring cleaning in the winter. We have been on a roll with organizing and cleaning the house, I guess you can call it nesting ;0) Gotta make room for this baby.


Day 176 – Monday, January 24th
Our first tiny bloom from our red camellia in the backyard.


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