A Day in Napa

Well, I haven’t blogged in a while, so how about some photos! We took a day trip to Ron and Roberta Sciandri’s and I just love it there at their place in Napa. Their home is surrounded by natural beauty, grapes, a small lake for the dogs and kids, fantastic food, and of course great wine. Gino was there to chat about a retaining wall and I was there to chat about wedding invitations for an upcoming family wedding. =) Here are a few snapshots from Saturday. Enjoy.

Sciandri Family Vineyards Wine Label

 Table is set.


Treasures all over the place.

Vintage Boxes Amazing views.
Napa 3TulipsNapa 2Napa 1PonzoChocolate LabNapa 7Napa 6Napa 5Luke the dog whisperer. Napa 4Ponzo’s brother from another mother, Fudge! They had a blast in the lake. Chocolate Labs Hi birdie!Napa 4Beef short ribs, mmmm… good.
Beef Short RibsCousins.Sciandri BoysTired old buddies, Lola and Leroy.DogsEnd scene.
Baby Love

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