Life with a 2.5 Year Old

Can it really be true, we actually have a 2.5 year old!? Lately we hit a few milestones with Luke that really highlight how much of a big boy he is! In all honesty, I have gotten just a little bit sad to watch him become so independent but I know it’s all part of raising kids. They are going to grow up and all we can do is be in each moment as best as we can.

Poo-Poo In the Potty*

Not fully potty trained, but getting good at staying dry almost all day at school and letting us know when he needs to go, even at houses other than our own. With this kid, candy as a bribery method doesn’t really work so we have been using stickers and happy faces on his hands. He still has a little more to go before big boy underwear, but we’ve taken down the changing table and diaper set up in his room. I am so relieved to not change as many diapers, but I know I had better enjoy it while I can if we want more kiddos! ;0)

*We actually sing that on the way to the potty. It helps, I swear.

Big Boy Bed Time

Luckily, Luke has not once tried to climb out of his crib. He has been a great sleeper and really enjoyed his time alone in his crib. I know many parents who transition to a big bed far earlier than 2.5, but we really had no reason to. Nonni and Nonno got us a crib that could convert into a toddler/twin bed, but we failed to buy the converter kit along with it at the time (Kellie, I know you reminded me about that a long time again and I didn’t listen!) and now it is discontinued. We figured the crib will still get other use, now going to our niece Emilie, so we got Luke a toddler bed from Ikea last weekend. At first, Luke picked out this “interesting” owl bedspread from Ikea and you should have seen my manipulation skills in action!


I just couldn’t imagine that bedspread clashing in his blue primary colored room! Who’s with me?! I had to do something and fast – so, I sneakily talked him into this cute white and bright colored car bedspread instead. Gino was laughing at my efforts to persuade him into the other bedspread and someday you may feel slighted Luke, but until then, I call the shots! =)

Ikea Bedspread 2


Say What!?

We’ve had a bit of a jabber mouth on our hands for some time now but things are really starting to get interesting and make us laugh. He’s talking so well now and putting a lot of thoughts together, which is really fun. Here are a few of our favorites.

“No sun, go away. Mommy, the sun bit me.” – Said in the car in the morning when the sun was bright and shining right in our eyes.

“I love Michael and Sully. Michael and Sully are my cousins.” – Good to know he loves his cousins and Monsters Inc. of course.

“I a tiger. Mommy, you not a tiger.” Me – “Oh, I am not? What am I?”. Luke – “You a princess. You are Sofia.” – Ok, I am officially wrapped around his finger.

“There are monkeys at the zoo. The monkey has a boo-boo. He has a owie on his bottom. He needs a band aid.” – Said when we were talking about what animals we would see at the Zoo.

Dear Jesus…

I almost always say a good night prayer in my mind when I lay down to go to bed. I don’t really know when it started, but I can remember very far back saying prayers at night and feeling very comfortable with my own internal dialogue with Jesus and God. My household grew up Christian and we went to a handful of First Baptist Churches as kids. Luke will grow up with a Catholic foundation but no matter what formal religious affiliation we have, I want Luke to feel as comfortable with praying as I do so we have started to say our good night prayers together. He lies down, tries to close his eyes, and repeats a made up prayer after me but he always peeks through his squinted eyes and says the words with a big smile in a really soft voice…it melts my heart.

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