Project 365: 192-199

Day 192 – Wednesday, February 9th

The wall decal for the crib wall is up! It was surprisingly easy to do. Gotta love decals from Etsy
Day 193 – Thursday, February 10th 
Selling our dresser and bookshelf on craigslist
Day 194 – Friday, February 11th 
Taking in the sunshine. 
Day 195 – Saturday, February 12th 
Yummy dessert. Cookie/brownies layered with strawberries, whip cream, and pudding!
Day 196 – Sunday, February 13th
Lovely Sunday with Ponz-man and Gino at McKinley, then the Dog Park, then downtown for lunch. 
Day 197 – Monday, February 14th 
My homemade valentines day wreath hanging on the door.
Day 198 – Tuesday, February 15th 
Delicious pizzas at Hot Italian. 
Day 199 – Wednesday, February 16th 
The sweetest valentines day card from our darling nephew, Ayden. =0) 

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