Mission: Patio Makeover

I am so excited to go shopping today and it isn’t for me =) My sister is planning a wedding in my parents backyard in May. Their backyard is so beautiful and full of gorgeous flowers, roses, a pond, lovely trees, fruits and vegetables, and is an overall really great space. My parents work hard to keep the yard and beautiful plants in tip-top shape. It is a large space though and some areas of the yard don’t get as much TLC as others. They have a great patio off the back of their bedroom that has turned into a storage area for miscellaneous yard items. It is around the corner from the main area of the yard so it isn’t see much. But, at the wedding, it will be a focal point near some of the guest tables. My Mom and Dad have tasked me with sprucing up their patio area and I am so excited to help out. My Mom has given me a budget of $200 and free rein with the style and decor. I plan on being extremely budget conscience but at the same time I want to create a unique style and comfortable space that my parents can enjoy beyond the wedding. Here are the before pictures and I will keep you updated on the progress of my makeover.

4 thoughts on “Mission: Patio Makeover

  1. I’m as excited as you are! Sounds so lovely and know with you behind it it will be beautiful. Better give me some of the job so when I’m there I can help ok, I will have lots of time to help out. Start putting down jobs that I can do.

    love, gramma

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