Memorable Moments

Dear Luke,
                These are just 2 pictures of some of our most favorite moments so far in your nearly 6 months of life. We cherish each and every hug, snuggle, and relaxing nap with you. These sleeping snuggle moments moved quickly to the top of my list of favorite times with you from the very beginning. When you were a newborn I would feed you 2 times a night and after the last feeding around 5:00 a.m. I would bring you into the bed and let you sleep the next hour or so on my chest. I will always cherish the cozy feeling of these times. You sleep in your big boy room now and we wake you up when we are ready to get you up for the day, but we still get some sleeping snuggles in on the weekends. I wonder how long you will be so comfortable sleeping in our arms? I hope we have a few more years =)
Love, Mom & Dad

Baby Moments 1
Baby Moments 2

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