Leo 12 Weeks

I’m back after 3 months filled with baby snuggles and lots of house remodel work. Our little sweet pea starts daycare 4 days a week next Monday so I plan on holding him and staring into his beautiful little eyes all week, along with getting mentally prepared to be back to work full time of course.

I haven’t posted a bi-monthly picture of Leo yet (insert second child syndrome here) so let’s just start with 12 weeks.

Leo_12weeks-01 Here is a side/by/side with Luke at that age. Leo definitely has lighter hair, skin and eyes but there are some similarities, especially in the mouth area.

Loves: Hearing our voices, looking at himself in the mirror under the play mat, his bottle, something (shadow or light) under the shelf above the diaper changing pad that makes him smile, all of his fingers, his vibrating chair, and making bubbles.

Hates:  Being held like a typical baby (just like his brother, he wants to be held up over the shoulder), tummy time, being burped, getting put into the carseat.

Has: Blue eyes still, light hair and skin, long fingers, and a round belly.

Currently: Not rolling over yet but holding his head up well while sitting in someone’s lap or in your arms, transitioning to formula with the help of more food, probiotics and Earth’s Best Sensitive formula, sleeping like his brother :0), drooling a lot, and making adorable cooing baby noises.

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