Family Silhouette

I have been inspired lately by a recent trend of beautiful silhouette designs. Silhouettes have become a popular design technique that you might find popping up in vintage wedding themes or a classic twist on home decor. Here are a few images I’ve seen featuring silhouettes.

I found the gorgeous vintage silhouette wedding theme above featured on Style Me Pretty. I also found a great post from Country Living that shows how to get the classic silhouette look in your home with a fresh twist. There is blog I stumbled upon called Simply Silhouettes which features all things silhouettes and they have a shop with adorable silhouette products.

All of these beautiful pieces of art inspired me to create a silhouette display of my own family.

1. First I used Photoshop to turn images of my husband and myself from our wedding, our cat, and our dog into silhouettes.

2. Next I added the silhouette images to a frame and used a yellow background to match the sunny yellow color of my basement/soon to be studio.

3. I printed out the three silhouette images if Gino and I, Sam, and Ponzo on linen cardstock to give it a nice texture.

4. I had previously purchased three 12 x 12 art canvases to use for another project that I never got around to so they came in hand for this project. I could have also framed the 8.5 x 11 pieces of paper.

5. My studio will feature yellows, greys, black, white, and maybe some soft greens. I decided to use black fabric over my canvas squares to make the silhouettes pop on the yellow wall.

6. I found out the strangest thing today, I don’t have a stapler at my house! So I used zip dry to attach the fabric to the canvas and to glue the silhouettes to the fabric. I think a stapler would have been much easier. Note to self: my office needs a new stapler.

7. Finally I attached three equal size black satin ribbons to the back of the canvas squares and they were ready to hang.

Here is the finished product, proudly displayed in my studio!

10 thoughts on “Family Silhouette

  1. So cute Sarah. Can’t wait to see them in person. I love this classic look as well. Katie has this kind of wall paper in her dining room and I fell in love. Maybe I’ll have you make some for us 🙂

  2. Sarah, you absolutely amaze me, but it shouldn’t, you have always been so creative and talented, God has blessed you! Thank you for sharing your wonders. We love it!

  3. Me again from England! This inspired me, I’m going to try it at the weekend. Hope my Photoshop v6 has this silhouette tool (it must!). These are timeless ‘archives’ and your examples reveal what I thought was a scary thing to do far more accessible and fun. That yellow paint, btw is v pleasant. Sincerely yours.

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