Our Birth Story

Luke, you were born in the last hour of a Monday night on May 16, 2011. The days leading up to your birth were filled with excitement and most of all anticipation.  You were due on May 12th so I took the whole week off of work. Every night I would go to bed just sure that “tonight will be the night”. It is a weird thing waiting for labor to start when you are pregnant for the first time[Read more]

Project 365: The End!

Well, this is it! A whole year of pictures. I started this project a year ago on my birthday and tried to take a photo each day to document the year. Some photos were exciting, some were a little boring, some were pretty, some were entertaining but I absolutely love looking back on them and remembering where we were in that day of time. One of my favorites is from Day 30. It is the day we found out I[Read more]