Introducing Charcoal + Chocolate

I have been wanting to re-design my blog for a while now and just started to get around to it! It’s still a work in progress, but come check it out. I am still adding posts to the menu bar tabs and working on a few other things, but for the most part I am pretty happy with the new look and feel. I have grown a lot since I started Sarah Fina Designs in 2009 as a person and[Read more]

Luke 8 Months

Luke turned 8 months old on January 16th. He is getting so big that I had to switch the onesie in the photo to a bigger long sleeve onesie! Here are a few updates. Eating We have been trying all kinds of different foods along with rice cereal consistently since 6 months. In the beginning he like the rice cereal but gagged a lot on all the baby food I made for him. I tried sweet potatoes, butternut squash, avocados,[Read more]

Luke 7 Months

Gosh how time fly’s when you are having fun! Our little boy is almost 8 months old. The photo is from 7 months, it has just taken me a while to post it. He is really developing his personality now and is becoming so sweet, smiley, and fun. He is scooting all around the house and likes to stand up with our help. He smiles at everyone, everywhere we go. If I had to guess, I think he will have[Read more]

Merry Christmas

I’ve missed you all and my sweet little blog. Sorry for the lack of attention lately, just dealing with the busy holiday season as usual. The Sciandris are looking forward to a busy and family-filled weekend this Christmas and are especially excited for Luke’s first Christmas. He has already crawled under the tree to try and unwrap the presents (well really it’s just banging on the packages but the paper isn’t very thick)! Source: via Pinterest Thank you all for[Read more]

Luke – 6 Months

Can you believe it?! Our little baby is six months old tomorrow, the 16th. Time has gone by so fast and I hear from a lot of other parents to cherish these times because they are so short. No kidding! We have enjoyed every ounce of our little bundle of smiles, almost giggles, hugs, drool drops, and more. Now that we have reached the half year mark I am going to do the rest of the year by month.