Luke 7 Months

Gosh how time fly’s when you are having fun! Our little boy is almost 8 months old. The photo is from 7 months, it has just taken me a while to post it. He is really developing his personality now and is becoming so sweet, smiley, and fun. He is scooting all around the house and likes to stand up with our help. He smiles at everyone, everywhere we go. If I had to guess, I think he will have a lot of his Dad’s outgoing personality traits, we shall see. I am beginning to see an open mouth smile trend, how cute. He started a new daycare today at a center we were on a waiting list for. I really like the preschool structure of this new school so we are happy to be here for the long run. So far the teachers have been really nice and it sounds like he had a good first day!

Happy Monday to you all.

Luke 7 Months Baby 7 Months
P.S – His eyes are still brown.

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