New Inspiration

Well hello there old friend. My little blog, oh how I have missed you. So much that you don’t even show up on my top sites screen anymore. It was so interesting to see the most recent traffic stats though, somehow people are still stumbling onto my blog and the numbers are still up (I used to check regularly and probably haven’t looked in over 5 months!). What can I say, life, the job, and family have kept me very[Read more]

Primo Landscape + Design

Happy Monday everyone! Many of you know that Gino, my husband, has a passion and talent for landscape design. Over the summer he worked really hard to pass the California contractors license exam to become a licensed landscape contractor. Of course we had to make new business cards to showcase his new number. After I adamantly shot down the name “Primo” for our son, Gino decided that it was a perfect name for his landscape business and Primo Lanscape + Design[Read more]

Bright and Cheerful Nursery

I finally got around to taking some photos of Luke’s nursery. We originally had that room painted blue and were going to keep it blue regardless of if we had a girl or a boy. I wanted his room to be bright, cheerful, and fun. Gino had a lot of input and in the end it turned out just right! View from the doorway. Wall Decal from Etsy. Lots of books to read in a bookshelf from Ikea. I made[Read more]

Fall Fashion

  A collection of my favorite fall items. Now only if it will get cool enough to a cozy day!   Fall Fashion by sarahsciandri 1. Lightweight Rain Umbrella in Fun Yellow Color $30 2. Weatherproof Glen Plaid Anorak | Stylish Rain Gear for Women | Real Simple $71 3. Target:Women’s Merona® Zabrina Dot Rain Boots – B… $33  4. Teatime Restrain-t Tea Set in Lemon $23 5. Kenneth cole earrings £18 6. (Broner) Crinkle Knit Scarf – Teal (W31S44B)- e4Hats-Clothing-Handbags… $28