Project 365: The End!

Well, this is it! A whole year of pictures. I started this project a year ago on my birthday and tried to take a photo each day to document the year. Some photos were exciting, some were a little boring, some were pretty, some were entertaining but I absolutely love looking back on them and remembering where we were in that day of time. One of my favorites is from Day 30. It is the day we found out I[Read more]

Project 365: July

Day 332 – Wednesday, June 29thI hope this lady comes to pick up her cart, too funny. The sign says “reserved for the asian lady who asked me about this cart”. Day 333 – Thursday, June 30thGetting back on the exercise horse, in this case, the exercise ball! Day 334 – Friday, July 1stThe boys are starting the hard work in my parents front yard. Day 335 – Saturday, July 2ndLuke’s first dip in the pool. Day 336 – Sunday,[Read more]

Project 365:322-331

Day 322 – Tuesday, June 21stGino cooked a delicious dinner tonight. Grilled BBQ chicken sandwiches with sauteed bell peppers, mushrooms, and topped with sharp cheddar. Day 323 – Wednesday, June 22ndOur tomatoes are ripening. Day 324 – Thursday, June 23rdUncle Tony had a chance to feed Luke his dinner. Day 325 – Friday, June 24th Gino was away at a wedding and Luke and I had our first night home alone. He pretty much slept a lot =) Day 326[Read more]