Project 365:322-331

Day 322 – Tuesday, June 21st
Gino cooked a delicious dinner tonight. Grilled BBQ chicken sandwiches with sauteed bell peppers, mushrooms, and topped with sharp cheddar.


Day 323 – Wednesday, June 22nd
Our tomatoes are ripening.


Day 324 – Thursday, June 23rd
Uncle Tony had a chance to feed Luke his dinner.


Day 325 – Friday, June 24th
Gino was away at a wedding and Luke and I had our first night home alone. He pretty much slept a lot =)


Day 326 – Saturday, June 25th
Luke attended his first birthday party for Joey Shelley. He slept through it!


Day 327 – Sunday, June 26th
I love the new stamp design, works for many occasions including baby announcements.


Day 328 – Monday, June 27th
Sleep meditation!


Day 329 – Tuesday, June 28th
Some of my co-workers came over to visit with us. Kristy had the special touch and they had good snuggles.


Day 330 – Wednesday, June 29th
I caught Sam in what he thought was a secret hiding spot, Luke’s closet. Not so secret anymore.


Day 331 – Thursday, June 28th
The grass was so pretty this morning with small beads of water glistening in the sun.


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