Why Charcoal + Chocolate?

So, why Charcoal + Chocolate you ask? Well, there are a few reasons for the new name of my blog. When I started this blog for Sarah Fina Designs I created it to share some of the design work and projects I was working on. Over time, the blog turned into a place where I share design work (not nearly enough, but I’m working on it) but also where I shared tidbits of everyday life. The blog was previously named Sarah Fina Designs but my content wasn’t just about designs. Charcoal + Chocolate represents it all now!

If you know me personally it might be easy to guess one inspirational source for the name Charcoal + Chocolate which is Sampson, our cat and Ponzo, our dog. They are unique in their sold charcoal and chocolate colors.

(A.K.A. Sam, Andre 3000, Smokey)
Sam Sciandri
(A.K.A. Ponz, Ponzu Sauce, Ponz-man)
Chocolate Lab

A second inspirational source is two of my favorite rooms in our house painted in charcoal and chocolate. We thought we were taking a big risk by painting these rooms such strong colors but have been extremely happy with the outcome. Our house had a beige living room and a bright red dining room but we love our charcoal and chocolate rooms much better. Check out little smokey in the corner!

Charcoal paint in the living room.
Charcoal Paint
Chocolate paint in the dining room.
Chocolate Paint

Charcoal + Chocolate is also represented in quite a few of my most recent designs. The colors fit in many modern and elegant designs I have been working on lately. Here are a few examples.

The main color used in Gino’s Promo Landscape and Design Logo.
Primo Landscape and Design Logo
A bride’s Thank You Card after the wedding. 
Wedding Thank You Card

I was talking to Gino about my new blog name and he also came up with one more meaning behind Charcoal + Chocolate. Remember what your parents would tell you as a kid if you were bad around Christmas time? They would say that Santa was going to fill your stocking with coal. Because this blog is sometimes about our everyday life, it represents the idea that sometimes life gives you charcoal but other times life gives you sweet chocolate. The only way to navigate through it is to take the charcoal and chocolate together as it comes and try to make the best of it. The funny thing is that I don’t even like chocolate, just ask all my friends ;0)! Oh well, it works for the metaphor.

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