Smiles are contagious aren’t they? They work on babies; we smile at Luke and he smiles back. They work on dogs (ok, well sort of); I like to think Ponzo smiles when he is excited and we are smiling at him. They work in email; I admit I might over use the smile icon, but I still smile when I get one in an email.

I have noticed lately as I walk around midtown that smiles are a little scarce. I walk past many people each day and we are all either in our own little worlds or looking at our phones. Rarely do I smile at others or do I see others smiling at me. This has GOT to change! Maybe if I try to start smiling a little more each day, others will catch on and smile back or better yet, smile at someone else. You never know what someone is thinking about as they are walking around. They could have a lot on their mind and your smile might just brighten their day, their week, or even their outlook on human beings as a whole. Starting now, I am going to make a conscious effort to walk around more confidently with a smile on my face in the hopes that it is contagious even just for one other person.

Have a smiley weekend! :0)
(I thought this emoticon was only appropriate for this post)

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