A Day in Napa

Well, I haven’t blogged in a while, so how about some photos! We took a day trip to Ron and Roberta Sciandri’s and I just love it there at their place in Napa. Their home is surrounded by natural beauty, grapes, a small lake for the dogs and kids, fantastic food, and of course great wine. Gino was there to chat about a retaining wall and I was there to chat about wedding invitations for an upcoming family wedding. =)[Read more]

34 Forever: A Tribute to Christina

As I sit down to write this post I feel at a loss for words, but at the same time, I am filled with thoughts and words floating through my mind and heart. Today I simply went through the motions, fighting back the tears that kept trying to surface, and sometimes they just wouldn’t go away. I picked up my sweet baby boy from daycare today and he gave me a long, comforting hug after running into my arms. It’s[Read more]

Phone Calls Worth A Thousand Words

(Image courtesy of: Emily McCall) It’s 2010 and the communication capacity of social networking is far beyond what I could have imagined 10 years ago. In just this past year I have learned so much about social media, I have connected with a lot of people from my past, and I have been able to take advantage of social media to promote a creative outline of mine. Almost my entire family, extended family, and extended in-law family members are on some form[Read more]