Foster Youth

I had the pleasure of attending an event today which I created the invitation and event materials for. I was so grateful to the United Way marketing team for extending me an invitation to attend the Women in Philanthropy’s Foster the Future luncheon. Beyond seeing my work play out through the invitation, event signage, and programs, I was inspired by the subject and the speakers. Women in Philanthropy focuses on foster youth programs that help support foster children after they are emancipated from the system. There were three foster youth speakers who are all currently in college and their stories were very intriguing to hear how far they have come from where they once were. My grandparents often took in foster children while my Dad and Aunt were growing up and one even turned into an adoption of my Uncle so I have an appreciation for foster parents and people who care enough to support these children who really need it. Thank you to United Way and Women in Philanthropy for the work you do with foster youth in the Sacramento area and thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you to help create an enjoyable event for the +300 members.

The photo isn’t that great, but I hope to get more photos of the event overall later down the road. This is the large banner above the stage.

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