Project 365: 64

I love bringing my own bags to the store. So easy and the folks at TJ’s are so appreciative when you do. Do you bring your own bags? If not, try it once and you will be hooked!

Project 365: The Weekend

September 30 – Day 60Fall is almost in full swing, the leaves are starting to turn colors. This tree particularly turns really bright yellow, it is beautiful before the leaves fall off. I will try and capture that photo at it’s peak color.October 1 – Day 61I had a fun filled day of family, soccer, and a mexican fiesta but I completely spaced and forgot to take out my camera. So instead you get a photo of Sam cuddling with[Read more]

Project 365:58

Gino’s pride of the back yard, Bermuda grass. You will see there are no plants but that will come next spring. And how cool that we trained Ponzo to not go to the bathroom on the grass! That spot to the right is from Ponzo but from being bored one day, not from going to the bathroom. It should grow back in.