Project 365: 80, 81, 82

Day 80: Yay, the Ginats win the Wednesday night game!  Gotta do it again on Saturday.Day 81: What a handsome boy, just love him.Day 82: Delicious lunch with fellow MetroEdge-ers at St. John’s Shelter for Women and Children Plates Cafe. Plates Cafe is an employment learning program that provides formerly homeless women with a unique opportunity to learn valuable skills necessary to enter the culinary and services industries. The food was delicious and I hope you check it out if you[Read more]

Project 365: 74, 75, 76, 77

Day 74One last snuggle with Charlie Man before his trip to their new home in Los Gatos. He might be taller than Gino.Day 75Some little critter is eating our pumpkin. Strange.Day 76Happy Surprise Birthday Party Matt, and GO GIANTS!!!Day 77Happy Birthday Lynda, a wonderful dinner with the family to celebrate.